JAM Solutions Inc is a quality specialty metal contractor and ACM distributor.  Utilizing our partnership with STAC, which produces the new ACM panel STACBOND, we offer the market another quality product at a lesser cost than our competitors.  

JAM is currently the sole distributor of STAC in the US, with the main focus on bringing STACBOND aluminum composite panels to the market.  STACBOND is a high quality composite panel that is NFPA 285 approved.  In addition, JAM uses STAC's innovative systems that can also be purchased with STACBOND material.


Utilizing STAC's new state of the art coil coating line, JAM is offering our own line of single skin siding panels. More information and product data to follow in the near future. 

In addition to supplying this high quality material, JAM also provides sunshades, canopies, and custom metal fabrication in our new fabrication shop.  Whether you are looking for just fabrication or an installer, JAM has the capabilities to do both. 

Our mission is to provide the best product and services in the industry, focusing on being a part of a team.  We utilize the approach that there is one common goal for all involved in the construction process, and communication is the top necessity when achieving those goals.  


Aaron Johns, President/CEO

ajohns@jam-sol.com | Phone: 630.450.7539

Aaron Johns, President/CEO

ajohns@jam-sol.com | Phone: 630.450.7539

Aaron Johns has been in the construction industry for over a decade, holding project management and operational positions.  His focus has been the architectural metal side of the industry, working with metal composite panels, custom sunshades, and custom metal fabrication.  Based on his experience, he has earned a reputation in the industry for being a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.  He has taken this knowledge and his connections in the industry and provided a valuable service to his clients.

Joseph Koenig - Production Manager

jkoenig@jam-sol.com | Phone: 708.692.1204

Joe Koenig has worked for JAM Solutions since 2017 and since then has had a variety of roles to gain experience in the industry.  Joe has moved into the role of Production Manager.  He heads up all production and shop items needed for each project.  Working hand in hand with Project Managers, Install teams, and our CAD teams

Nick Peoni - Director of Project Management

npeoni@jam-sol.com | Phone: 317.750.0055

Toni Harris - Project Manager

tharris@jam-sol.com | Phone: 317.319.7534

Dean Rutherford - CAD Intern


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