What Types of Applications Can JAM Panels Be Used For?

There are many applications that are perfectly suited for the utilization of JAM Panels. From exterior cladding and screen walls to sunshades, canopies, and custom architectural metal products, these versatile panels adapt seamlessly to any architectural style. Their suitability extends to a wide range of structures, including commercial buildings, residential complexes, schools, and hospitals. This list is not exhaustive, and Johns Architectural Metal Solutions, Inc. invites you to reach out to discuss how JAM Panels can best serve your specific needs.

What Types of Clients Do You Serve?

We cater to a broad spectrum of clients in the Midwest. Our clientele includes professionals across many fields, including architects, designers, specifiers, contractors, and builders. The services we provide are not limited to these professionals but extend to anyone in the construction industry seeking high-quality architectural metal products. Our team stands ready to discuss individual needs and provide expert guidance.

How Long Does the Process Usually Take?

Each project’s timeline is determined by its specific requirements. Despite this variability, Johns Architectural Metal Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing efficient and timely services. With a centrally located facility and a dedicated team of professionals, we handle large-scale projects with precision and efficiency. Potential clients are encouraged to share details of their project for a more accurate estimate of the timeline.

What Type of Material Would Be Best for My Project?

The selection of the ideal material for your project hinges on a variety of factors – the desired aesthetic appeal, required functionality, and budget constraints. We work with an extensive range of materials, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, and zinc. Our team is readily available to help you select the material that aligns best with your project’s needs.

Do You Offer Customization?

Providing customization services is a key aspect of our mission. By understanding that each project carries its own unique fingerprint and requires individualized solutions, our dedicated team collaborates with you to ensure the results match your vision. We establish a thorough understanding of your goals and requirements, allowing us to create custom metal fabrication solutions that align seamlessly with your needs. From architectural metal products to cladding systems and mesh screens, we are capable of delivering customized solutions that adhere to your specifications. For personalized advice and solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can You Install a Mesh Screen For Me?

Yes, we install high-quality mesh screens according to your needs. We are experienced in installing a range of architectural metal products, including mesh screens, and our skilled team is committed to ensuring that installations are executed efficiently and accurately. Regardless of the scale of the installation, we offer the skills needed to achieve superior results. To further discuss your specific installation requirements, get in touch with us.

What Kinds of Custom Metals Can You Fabricate?

We can fabricate a broad range of custom metals to suit your unique vision. Some of the metals we work with include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and brass. Each of these materials offers unique properties that are beneficial for architectural applications. Whether you need aluminum composite panels, prefinished plate panels, flush metal panels, or corrugated panels, we can fabricate your materials accordingly. For more information on selecting the right materials, finishes, and attachment systems for your project, please contact us for advice.

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