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JAM + Hashmark

Johns Architectural Metal is excited to announce a media partnership with Hashmark Media.  

Hashmark Media focuses on content creation for Hashmark Sports as well as other small businesses.  With this partnership, Hashmark Media will be responsible for the growth of the Johns Architectural Metal social channels as well as podcast creation (comming soon).  Aaron Johns will be producing a business blog directly on the Hashmark website.

"We are extremely excited for this opportunity that will help the Hashmark Media portion of our company grow," stated Dave Nozar, President of Hashmark.  

"JAM is a growing company that wants to focus on how businesses and individuals respond to content in the digital marketing age.  We want to allow our company to be seen in a different way than most in our industry," responded Aaron Johns, President and CEO of Johns Architectural Metal Solutions Inc.

No details on the length of the partnership have been made public.  

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