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Why J.A.M. Teamed up with STACBOND

J.A.M’s founder, Aaron Johns, was researching potential fits for an additional manufacturer of MCM in the US market to compete with the 3 to 4 companies that dominated it. Seeing competition as a good thing with a growing market and popularity for MCM products Aaron found STAC and grew a relationship with them and learned more about their new product STACBOND. As the time came for them to grow into the U.S. market Aaron made a trip to Spain to visit with the company and see their manufacturing process and meet with engineers. In STAC, Aaron was impressed with the detail they put into everything from engineering to the manufacturing process. He saw a company that J.A.M. would be proud to associate themselves with and know he would be delivering a higher quality new competitor to the U.S. market. Below you can see the details as to why.

Quality Assurances Means a Quality Product.

Every piece of material is tested before it reaches the customer by the Quality Assurance Department

  • Every division has its own quality control process as the products are different and the aspects that need to be checked are also different.

  1. Peeling (adherence to aluminum) test and Dimension assurance control

  2. Tests on the painted side of the panel

  3. Impact and Flexibility tests (DIN EN ISO 6272)

  4. Impact Gauge testing

  5. Adhesion and scratch resistance test

The Whole Manufacturing Process has Been Thoroughly Designed

  • STAC designed and built their own machines and robots for precision, quality, and efficiency. Every part of manufacturing was thought out for the exact needs of the product, and produce the highest quality product at a more efficient cost.

  • STAC has just introduced their own coil coating paint line, which is custom built.

  1. Most competitors do not paint in-house

  2. Would rival any paint line in the world

  3. Multiple Colors in Metal, Solid, Wood and other special finishes

Committed to the Environment

  • STAC is certified according to the ISO 14001:2015 the international standard for environmental management systems.

  • In the design process, STAC uses use 100% recyclable materials such as Zamak, extruded aluminum, technical polymers (polyamide, polyethylene etc), aluminum for injection and stainless steel.

  • They think the products' whole life cycle from the design phase to the finished product.

We would love to work with you or answer any questions. J.A.M. is about making it easy while delivering a quality product at a great price. Hope to hear from you soon.

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