CUPACLAD® Rainscreen Façade Systems offer unparalleled protection against adverse weather conditions and significantly improve thermal performance, reducing energy consumption and contributing to a more sustainable future. Aesthetically, CUPACLAD® systems provide a modern, clean look to any building, enhancing its overall appeal. Johns Architectural Metal Solutions, renowned for its expertise in the fabrication and installation of façade panel systems, is proud to offer CUPACLAD® as part of its innovative product catalog. Embrace CUPACLAD® and invest in a solution that combines functionality, sustainability, and style.

What is CUPACLAD®?

CUPACLAD® is the leader in natural slate rainscreen cladding systems. Engineered to meet the evolving needs of contemporary architecture, it offers an array of cladding solutions, ranging from traditional to avant-garde designs.

Slate, as a cladding material, offers numerous benefits that enhance its appeal beyond aesthetics. First and foremost, slate is incredibly durable, with a lifespan that can exceed a hundred years. It’s resistant to severe weather conditions, which makes it perfect for cladding purposes. Furthermore, slate is a natural insulator, helping to control indoor temperatures and significantly reduce energy costs. It’s also eco-friendly as it’s sourced naturally and doesn’t undergo extensive processing. Lastly, thanks to its unique texture and finish, slate adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any structure. Embracing the use of slate in CUPACLAD® is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and timeless style.

CUPACLAD® – A Revolution in Cladding Solutions

CUPACLAD® stands as a competitive and sustainable alternative for any façade cladding project. Its design caters to the requirements of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The natural slate used in CUPACLAD® is non-combustible, impact-resistant, and requires virtually no maintenance, ensuring the longevity of any property investment.

It is designed to withstand structural movements without cracking, providing a robust solution for even the most challenging building projects. Johns Architectural Metal Solutions offers both invisible and visible fixing options, tailoring the installation to meet aesthetic and functional requirements.

The installation process of CUPACLAD® systems is quick and easy, minimizing construction timelines. Furthermore, the wide variety of design possibilities offered by CUPACLAD® ensures that it can enhance any architectural vision.

CUPACLAD® in Architecture and Building Projects

CUPACLAD® has been successfully employed in a myriad of architecture and building projects. Its versatility and durability make it an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications, from residential buildings to commercial complexes. Slates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as asymmetrical and hexagon, creating an impressive diversity of design options.

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