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The JAM Panel is provided exclusively by Johns Architectural Metal Solutions. By bringing this product to the market under the umbrella of Johns Architectural Metal, JAM is capable of being a true single-source subcontractor. Our material, our fabrication, our installation.

What is the JAM Panel?

The JAM Panel is a highly customizable metal composite material (MCM) panel developed and offered exclusively by Johns Architectural Metal Solutions. JAM Panel can be used in a wide range of architectural and branding applications. It is especially popular for public buildings such as shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and stations.

JAM Panels are the preferred brand for:

  • Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Prefinished Plate Panels
  • Flush Metal Panels
  • Corrugated Panels

Why Architects Love the JAM Panel

The JAM Panel provides a highly desirable combination of durability and design freedom. It has extreme flatness, with high rigidity yet excellent formability. The JAM Panel has been developed to meet the strict requirements of fire retardancy regulations in architecture products. Its impressive performance in fire-proofing is a benefit of its mineral-filled core.

We offer a wide range of unique colors and finishes. If our standard colors aren’t right for your project, we can create custom colors and finishes to suit your needs. Let your creativity flow with the JAM Panel.

JAM Panel Offers Endless Design Possibilities

One of the top benefits of the JAM Panel is its ability to be customized to fit nearly any project. Though PVDF coating is the standard, FEVE, HDP, and PE paint systems are additional coating options for the JAM Panel architectural products under various circumstances. Our coils are coated in compliance with AAMA and ECCA specifications. Some of our most popular finishes include:

Solid and Metallic

We have an extensive range of solid colors as well as metallic finishes. This provides our panels with the look desired by architects. The panels are produced with metal flakes in our metallic pigments in fluorocarbon resin. Metallic colors are offered in different shades of silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, etc.

Stone and Timber

Replica finishes such as stone and timber are produced using image-transfer technology in fluoropolymer coatings (PVDF/FEVE), providing aluminum panels with exceptional protection with the classic beauty of stone or timber.


Our prismatic series is a combination of fluoropolymer technology with special pigments to create unique color effects. Prismatic finishes can give the panel surface a sparkling effect or even change colors with different angles of lighting and across the day – dawn to dusk. The Prismatic Series will allow you to design with ultimate visual creativity.

Decorative (Brush/Mirror/Anodized)

JAM Panels are offered with brush and mirror finishes. These are specially treated aluminum surfaces with crystal-clear coats of PVDF/FEVE resin to protect the panels and maintain an original look, even in harsh exterior applications with polished, shine, and the look of brushed stainless steel. Anodized ACM panels are generally manufactured with an aluminum alloy of 1100, anodized with various possible finishes, but available in smaller widths. Anodized finishes are custom, which require additional lead times and are subject to higher minimum orders.

Custom Colors and Finishes

If you are not finding the color desired for your project, we offer custom colors, and we’re happy to provide color sample matching. Whether it is a solid, bright, high-gloss color, or rich metallics with low-gloss natural tones to prismatic special effects, we have many options for your design.

The Color Chart below provides access to our high-quality standard colors, but the JAM Panel can be customized to any color imaginable.

Achieve Your Unique Vision with JAM Panels

To learn more about the benefits of JAM Panels and how they can help you bring your creative vision to life, reach out to the friendly and professional staff at Johns Architectural Metal Solutions today. We would love to discuss your project.

JAM Panel Color Chart

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