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MCM panel systems provide unparalleled versatility, making them one of the most popular choices for exterior cladding. ACM and MCM panels have been in use for over fifty years, and through ongoing improvements in materials, finishes, and attachment systems, they are now more affordable and customizable than ever before.

The Basics of Metal Composite Material

Panels made of metal composite material, or MCM, consist of two thin metal sheets (or skins) that are bonded to each side of a solid core material. Panels made of aluminum composite material (ACM) were first developed in Europe in 1969 and gained popularity in North America throughout the 1980s. While aluminum remains the most popular skin material, metals such as zinc, copper, and stainless steel are also common, giving rise to the term MCM panel.

The Benefits of MCM Panels

MCM panels are preferred by many designers and architects for both their aesthetic appeal and their physical properties. Some of the top benefits of MCM panels include:

Weather Protection

A building’s exterior cladding must withstand the abuse of mother nature, and MCM panels offer superior protection from the elements. MCM panels can be paired with a variety of attachment systems to provide excellent protection from unwanted air and water damage. Decades of real-world applications have proven that MCM panels can handle excessive wind load without altering the appearance of the panel. Plus, they are lighter than traditional cladding materials such as brick, potentially reducing both installation time and structural support requirements.

Customizable Finishes and Textures

The flat, rigid surface of MCM panels allows for a wide variety of finishes and textures. MCM and ACM panels can be coated with anything from vibrant high-gloss colors to muted stone and wood finishes. The ability to create skins with materials like copper and stainless steel can allow architects to achieve the high-end look of an expensive façade at a fraction of the cost. With custom colors and finishes available on products such as the JAM Panel, the look of MCM panels is only limited by your imagination.


The heat, pressure, and tension used in the MCM fabrication process result in exceptionally flat panels with no rippling or “oil canning” to detract from the look of your façade. And because MCM panel finishes are highly resistant to chipping or fading, façades stay vibrant for decades, and maintenance costs are often reduced. This can provide significant value for building owners, especially when selling a property.

Transform Your Façade with MCM Panels

The versatility, aesthetic appeal, and long-term benefits of MCM panels make them an excellent choice for exterior cladding. They can be seen on schools, hospitals, public venues, and retail spaces across the country.

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