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Rainscreen Façades

At Johns Architectural Metal Solutions, your trusted specialist in the fabrication and installation of aluminum composite panel systems, one of our premium offerings is the rainscreen cladding system, or rainscreen façade, a construction solution that marries functionality with aesthetics in an unparalleled manner.

What is Rainscreen Cladding?

Rainscreen cladding is a unique exterior building envelope system. It is comprised of an outer weather-resistant skin, a ventilation cavity, and an inner layer. This innovative system offers enhanced protection from environmental elements while also offering a modern, aesthetically pleasing exterior look.

Rainscreen Façade Options

A variety of materials may be used for the outer skin of the façade. Some of our most popular rainscreen products include:

CUPACLAD® – This innovative rainscreen façade system uses natural tectonic slate to create a range of looks from modern to traditional while also delivering superior building protection and energy efficiency.

Fiber Cement – Fiber cement panels are a composite material composed of cement, cellulose, and mineral materials, strengthened by a visible matrix. This unique material combines the durability of cement with a textured yet smooth surface provided by the fibers.

Benefits of Using Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding systems offer numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Building Protection: They provide optimal protection against water damage, reducing the risk of structural deterioration over time.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Through the natural convection process in the ventilation cavity, warm air is moved up and out in the hot summer months. In colder months, the air is not heated enough to rise but remains in place as an additional layer of insulation. These features contribute to excellent thermal performance, leading to substantial energy savings.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a wide array of materials and finishes available, rainscreen cladding enhances the architectural appeal of any building.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Due to its design, rainscreen cladding is easy to maintain, contributing to lower life-cycle costs.

Rainscreen Cladding in Architecture and Building Projects

Rainscreen cladding systems are versatile and can be applied to a broad range of architectural and building projects. From commercial skyscrapers to residential complexes, these systems provide an elegant and efficient solution for exterior protection and design.

The Importance of Expert Installation

The functionality of a rainscreen cladding system is largely dependent on proper installation. Incorrect installation can lead to issues such as moisture penetration, thermal inefficiency, and an increased risk of structural damage over time. Furthermore, it may compromise the aesthetic appeal of the building, negating one of the primary advantages of rainscreen cladding. Therefore, it is crucial to work with trained professionals who possess a thorough understanding of the system’s design, function, attachment system, and required installation process.

Why Choose Johns Architectural Metal Solutions?

At Johns Architectural Metal Solutions, we specialize in the fabrication and installation of architectural metal and façade systems. With a centrally located 10,000-square-foot facility and a dedicated team of professionals, we provide superior quality services throughout the Midwest.

Our mission is to deliver the best products and services in the industry. We believe in being part of a team with a common goal for all involved in the construction process. Communication is key to achieving these goals, and we pride ourselves on our open, inclusive approach.

We invite you to contact us at Johns Architectural Metal Solutions for assistance with the design, fabrication, and installation of your rainscreen cladding systems. Our commitment to quality and service excellence sets us apart as your preferred specialty metal subcontractor.

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