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JAM Solutions is the sole provider of STACBOND Aluminum Composite Panels in the United States.  Developed in 2008, STACBOND has quickly become one of the top ACM manufacturers in the world.  Below, you will find more information on STAC and the STACBOND product.  JAM both distributes the raw sheets nationwide, as well as utilizes the material to provide a furnish and installation package.  


Technical Data

Technical Data - PE Core

Technical Data - FR Core

Technical Data - int Design

Color Charts

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Solid Colors

Metallic Colors





STAC, as a company, is a leader in Europe in the building products industry.  Their focus has been on developing gaskets and plastic extrusions, as well as door hardware.  From 2008, with its eagerness for growth and innovation, STAC commenced the design and production of its own aluminum composite panel along with it's own clip system called STACBOND®.  Because of their ability to produce high quality plastics, STACBOND become a very high quality panel that allows for a multitude of constructive possibilities thanks to its versatility and excellent physical and mechanical properties.

and STB-RIVETED panel systems are certified by way of the BBA 13/5022 (Technical Suitability Document) which consolidates the fact that STAC is in the forefront of the development of façade products. The purpose of this document is to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of our systems.


Some items of note about STAC and the STACBOND product line:

  •  10,000 m² of covered installations.

  •  An annual manufacturing capacity of 1,000,000 m² of composite panel.

  •  500,000 m² of fabrication capacity.

  •  An extensive colour range.

  •  Personalised attention from our own technical  department.

  •  8 latest generation CNC fabrication centres in order to offer service to our clients.

The Composite Panel STACBOND® is comprised of two aluminium sheets that are joined together with a nucleus of thermoplastic resins. It is sold in 3 varieties, STACBOND®PE, STACBOND®FR (Fire Retard) and STACBOND®INTdesign, along with an extensive range of finishes that adapt to the national and international market requirements.